Safrina Corn in Parana (Southern Brazil) Deteriorates Amid Dry Weather Conditions

Maize (Corn)

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Over the past two weeks, the condition of safrinha corn in Parana, southern Brazil, has significantly deteriorated due to hot and dry weather conditions. According to the Department of Rural Economics (Deal), the proportion of the crop rated as poor has risen to 8%, up from 2% last week. Additionally, the percentage of the crop rated as average has increased to 20% from 17%, while the portion rated as good has decreased to 72% from 81% last week. Currently, the safrinha corn is in various stages of development: 42% in vegetative growth, 31% in the pollination stage, 26% in grain filling, and 1% in maturation, indicating that the crop is approaching its peak water demand. These conditions were observed by the end of March.