Indonesia's January 2024 Palm Exports Surge, CPO Leads Growth

Palm Oil (CPO)

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In January 2024, Indonesia's palm oil exports recorded a total of 2,134,388 metric tons, reflecting a 2.10% increase compared to December 2023, which stood at 2,090,395 metric tons. Notably, crude palm oil (CPO) exports experienced a substantial surge, reaching 306,023 metric tons, marking a significant uptick of 67.92% from December 2023. However, there were notable variations in other palm oil products during the same period. Refined, bleached, and deodorized (RBD) Palm olein exports decreased by 14.19%, totaling 753,959 metric tons. RBD Palm stearin exports also saw a decline, amounting to 88,734 metric tons, representing a decrease of 40.18%. Conversely, RBD Palm oil exports exhibited a notable increase of 41.82%, reaching 460,119 metric tons in January 2024 compared to 324,445 metric tons in December 2023.