International Palm Oil Prices Witness Correction, Set to Surge Domestic Imports, Bearish Outlook Looms

Palm Oil (CPO)

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In recent months, international palm oil prices, which had been commanding a premium over competing soy oil and sun oil, have undergone a significant correction. This correction has led to palm oil reverting to a discounted position compared to sun oil and soy oil. Specifically, FOB Malaysia prices for palm oil have experienced a 4.84% decline since the start of May, currently standing at 814 $/MT. In the domestic market, CNF prices for palm oil are at 935 $/MT, whereas CIF prices for soy oil and sun oil are 962 $/MT and 960 $/MT, respectively. This shift indicates that palm oil in the domestic market has regained import parity. Furthermore, domestic palm oil supplies remain constrained, suggesting an imminent surge in palm oil imports that could exert downward pressure on domestic prices in the coming months. Consequently, the outlook for palm oil prices in the near term leans towards a bearish sentiment.