Ukrainian Sunflower Oil Exports Surge, Analysts Forecast Slowdown Amid Supply Squeeze & Price Hikes

Palm Oil (CPO)

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In May, Ukrainian sunflower oil exports surged to 620 tons, but analysts predict a significant slowdown by July-August due to rising prices driven by limited global supply. With Russia prioritizing exports to China, other countries depend on Ukraine, causing a supply squeeze and price hikes. The price of sunflower seeds in Ukraine has already surpassed 18,000 UAH per ton due to low stockpiles. Processing plants, despite minimal profits, are willing to pay these high prices to maintain operations until the new rapeseed season. Experts expect further price increases for sunflower seeds this week, with crushing plants continuing to buy at current prices (18.1-18.2 thousand UAH) and prices potentially reaching 19 thousand UAH per ton by the end of the week and into next year.