2024 2023/24 Argentina Soybeans Rated 29% Good/Excellent, Down 1%


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Soybean progress in Argentina reveals that 40% of pods are in the filling stage, while 6% are maturing. A portion of early-planted soybean fields is expected to be harvested by the week's end. In the March WASDE Report, the USDA maintained its estimate for Argentina's soybean production at 50.0 million tons.

As for the 2023/24 soybean crop in Argentina, ratings indicate 17% poor/very poor, 54% fair, and 29% good/excellent conditions. The percentage of good/excellent conditions saw a 1% decline compared to the previous week. Regarding soil moisture for corn, 28% was rated short/very short, while 72% was considered favorable/optimum, reflecting a 1% decrease from the prior week. The Argentina soybean condition as of March 6, 2024, according to the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, is provided below.