Pulses in Kanpur Physical Market Trading Strong

Masoor (Lentils)

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At Kanpur market , Chana Desi is trading high at Rs. 6300 per quintal, up by 1.61 per cent as compared to previous day.

Masur Kanpur is offered high at Rs. 6000 per quintal, up by 0.84 per cent from previous price level.

Peas Desi at Kanpur market is quoted weak at Rs. 4100 per quintal, down by 4.09 per cent from previous day.

Urad Desi at Kanpur market is offered firm at Rs. 8750 per quintal, higher by 2.94 per cent against previous day.

Tur U.P Line at Kanpur market is trading at Rs. 9100 per quintal, steady against previous close.

Tur M.P Line at Kanpur market is quoted at Rs. 9000 per quintal, unchanged as compared to previous close.

Pulses in Kanpur Market (Prices in Rs. per quintal)
Kanpur Chana Desi6300+100
KanpurMasur Kanpur6000+50
KanpurPeas Desi 4100-175
KanpurUrad Desi 8750+250
KanpurTur U.P Line91000
KanpurTur M.P Line90000