Steady Sentiment Witnessed in Andhra Pradesh Pulses Physical Market

Urad (Black Matpe)

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At Vijaywada market in Andhra Pradesh, Chana Desi ended at Rs. 5800 per quintal, unchanged as compared to previous close.

Moong Desi ended weak at Rs. 8400 per quintal, down by 0.59 per cent as against previous day.

Urad Polish at Vijaywada market closed weak at Rs. 9500 per quintal, down by 1.04 per cent from previous day.

Urad Sada(Bada) at Vijaywada market closed lower at Rs. 9300 per quintal, down by 1.06 per cent from previous trading day.

Tur Lemon at Vijaywada market finished weak at Rs. 10100 per quintal, lower by 0.98 per cent as compared to previous day.

Pulses in Andhra Pradesh Market (Prices in Rs. per quintal)
VijaywadaChana Desi58000
VijaywadaMoong Desi8400-50
VijaywadaUrad Polish 9500-100
VijaywadaUrad Sada(Bada) 9300-100
VijaywadaTur Lemon10100-100