Small Cardamom in Vandanmettu Physical Market Trading Higher


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At Vandanmettu market , Small Cardamom Loose(Max. Price) is trading high at Rs. 3308 per kg, higher by 15.7 per cent as compared to previous day. Traders reported arrivals at 76877 kgs, higher by 19913 kgs from previous trading day.

Small Cardamom Loose(Avg. Price) is offered strong at Rs. 2310 per kg, higher by 2.76 per cent as compared to previous day. steady as against previous day's arrival.

Small Cardamom in Vandanmettu Market (Prices in Rs. per kg)
VandanmettuSmall Cardamom Loose(Max. Price)3308+449
VandanmettuSmall Cardamom Loose(Avg. Price)2310+62

Note: The above mentioned prices are in Rs. per kg and arrivals are in kgs.