Small Cardamom Exports Surge by 44% in January 2024; Large Cardamom Exports Decline while Imports Skyrocket


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In January 2024, the cardamom trade landscape showcased significant shifts.

Small cardamom exports soared, registering a robust 44.02% increase compared to the same period in the previous year, reaching around 584.67 metric tons. Conversely, exports of large cardamom experienced a downturn, declining by 34.64% to approximately 156.5 metric tons.

Adding to the intrigue, large cardamom imports surged dramatically in January 2024, escalating by a staggering 467.19% from the preceding year. The import figures spiked to 407.7 metric tons, marking a substantial contrast with the 71.88 metric tons recorded during the equivalent period in the previous year.