Safrinha Corn Planting in Brazil Reached at 86% last week

Maize (Corn)

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By late last week, the planting progress of the 2023/24 safrinha corn in Brazil reached 86%, marking a significant increase from 70% during the same period last year. This indicates a week-over-week advancement of 13%. Thanks to a swift soybean harvest, farmers were able to initiate planting of their safrinha corn earlier than anticipated, maintaining a lead of approximately one week compared to the previous year. While the initial condition of the corn appears satisfactory, there are regions in south-central Brazil where emerging dryness is becoming worrisome. Of greater concern is the forecast from the Brazilian National Weather Service, which predicts below-normal rainfall across most of Brazil throughout March. Harvesting of the first corn crop in southern Brazil has progressed to 49%, surpassing last year's progress of 37%.