The Poultry Industries Faces The Heat of Higher Maize Price in Local Market

Maize (Corn)

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The maize market has witnessed a significant uptick in mandi prices, rising by 20% to Rs 2,550 per quintal from Rs 2,200 per quintal over the past three to four months. This surge can be attributed to the growing demand from the poultry industry and the government's emphasis on ethanol production. Currently, prices are exceeding the minimum support price (MSP) of Rs 2090 per quintal for the ongoing crop year (2023-24). The poultry sector, witnessing an annual growth rate of approximately 8%, is a major contributor to this demand surge, while maize output hasn't kept pace. Consequently, the higher maize prices have resulted in higher costs for poultry feed, thereby increasing the overall production costs for broiler chickens and eggs. Further escalation in maize prices would exacerbate feed costs, consequently driving up the production costs of broilers and eggs.