Jodhpur Guar Seed and Gum Prices Show Mild Decrease

Guar Gum

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Today, the delivery price of Jodhpur Guar seed saw a slight decrease of 0.6% to INR 5,460 per quintal, compared to yesterday's INR 5,492 per quintal. Similarly, the price of guar gum also experienced a marginal decline of 0.5% to INR 10,800 per quintal, down from yesterday's INR 10,850 per quintal.

Analyzing the arrivals in the major mandis of Rajasthan, Guar seed arrivals totaled 1,226 quintals, a decrease from the previous day's 1,275 quintals, while in Haryana, it amounted to 2,120 quintals, down from the previous day's 2,650 quintals.

Overall, the market sentiment leaned bearish, influenced by the presence of ample guar stocks with traders striving to meet the existing market demand.