Jodhpur Guar Market Update: Steady Seeds, Marginal Gum Dip, and Overall Bearish Outlook

Guar Gum

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Today, the delivery price for Jodhpur Guar seeds remained unchanged at INR 5,355 per quintal compared to the previous day. However, the guar gum price experienced a slight decrease of 0.5%, settling at INR 10,500 per quintal from INR 10,550 per quintal the previous day.

Analyzing Jodhpur Guar seed delivery prices over time, the current prices are steady compared to one month ago. Yet, a three-month assessment reveals a notable decline of 5.6%, marking a 13.6% decrease from prices six months ago and an 8.1% reduction compared to one year ago. This overall trend indicates a bearish market, reflecting concerns about demand.

In summary, the Guar market exhibited mixed sentiments today, with steady seed prices, a marginal dip in gum prices, and an overall bearish outlook. In Rajasthan, Guar seed arrivals totaled 3,385 quintals, down from the previous day's 4,040, while in Haryana, it amounted to 3,310 quintals, compared to the previous day's 3,200.