Guar Market Sees Steady Gains Amid Strong Domestic and Export Demand

Guar Gum

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Over the past week, Jodhpur's guar seed prices experienced a slight increase of 0.6%, reaching INR 5,508 per quintal, while guar gum prices rose marginally by 0.15% to INR 10,833 per quintal. These improvements occurred amid robust domestic and export demand, buoyed by a rise in the crush margin during the reviewed week. Monthly guar gum exports also saw a 4% increase compared to the previous month, indicating strong international support for guar prices. Additionally, prices for guar gum by-products saw notable changes, with churi experiencing a significant 11% increase, reaching INR 3,656 per quintal due to strong local demand. Korma also witnessed a 2% increase, settling at INR 4,100 per quintal, underscoring the current strong market demand.