Guar Gum Prices in Jodhpur: An Analysis of Recent Market Trends

Guar Gum

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During the reviewed period, the average net prices of Guar gum in Jodhpur experienced a notable decrease of 2.2%, dropping to INR 10,867 per quintal. This decline is in line with the downward movement of Guar seed prices, which stood at INR 11,117 per quintal in the preceding week.

A closer examination of the Guar gum price trend reveals a significant decrease of 4.4% compared to prices recorded 15 days ago. However, there has been a slight improvement of 0.9% compared to prices from a month earlier. Over a three-month period, there has been an observed increase of 4.3%. Nevertheless, prices have declined by 6.9% over the past six months, with a notable 7.7% decrease from the prices recorded in the previous year.

The consecutive third week of decline in the US oil rig count indicates reduced demand, potentially impacting Guar gum exports and further weakening Guar prices.