Guar Arrivals Show Improvement After Weeks of Decline

Guar Seed

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After weeks of consecutive decline, there's a noticeable resurgence in Guar arrivals across major markets, fueled by declining prices that incentivized farmers and traders to release their older stocks. Recent data unveils a remarkable 21% surge in Guar seed arrivals, peaking at 22,387 quintals compared to the preceding week's 18,454 quintals. In Rajasthan, the primary hub for Guar arrivals, an 8% increase is recorded, totaling 8,466 quintals, slightly down from the previous week's 7,810 quintals. Conversely, Haryana experiences a significant 26% surge, with arrivals totaling 13,035 quintals compared to the prior week's 10,310 quintals. However, in some markets, Guar arrivals are concluding as fresh arrivals of rabi crops like wheat and mustard take center stage.