Continuing Downtrend: Guar Prices Struggle Amidst Weak Demand

Guar Gum

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The ongoing downtrend in Guar prices persists due to weaker demand in the domestic market and the presence of older stocks with millers, resulting in insufficient support from falling arrivals.

Examining Guar prices in key markets like Bikaner, a 3% decrease is observed over the past month. Comparatively, prices have experienced a 6.6% decline over three months, with a significant drop of 8.33% six months ago and a 7.48% decrease from a year earlier.

In Sirsa, major market in Haryana, Guar prices show a 2.2% decrease from the previous month, accompanied by declines of 4.8% and 9.7% over three and six months, respectively, along with a substantial 8.4% drop from a year ago.

The continuous decline in Guar arrivals reflects weak market sentiments. Farmers and traders are reluctant to sell their produce at current price levels and also amid the influx of other major crops like mustard and wheat into the market, further contributing to the decrease in Guar arrivals.